I am a musician who populates the Web with instrumental videos. A large part of my free time is devoted to compose and record short pieces for guitar in various styles. Music is not my job, just a passion with ups and downs, but still alive after 40 years. I tried to define below the main steps of this musical journey. The narrative is very subjectif. For some reason that I miss, my vision gets blurry when looking backward. But no matter, history is always a truth among others.



60’s. No I don’t start the guitar at 6! We are in 1967, somewhere in Vendée (France), likely Les Sables d’Olonne. The hands in the pockets and the smile on my face, I have no clue of what is going to be my life. The year after, the famous events of May 1968 sow confusion in the country. The general strike is installed and demonstrations keep coming. I retain no memories of this period. I have already the head over the clouds and do certainly not feel concerned by all this fuss.



70’s. I start the guitar around 14. I work alone during hours and never get tired. Yet it’s not easy: no teacher, no advice, my fingers suffer but I like it! I remember very well the day this photo was taken, in Saint-Michel en l’Herm, my native land. I pose in the garden, under the fig tree, with a wonderful black folk guitar. It was impossible to play but very nice-looking. Together with the hair-cut, it’s perfect to spend white nights on Beluga Beach. The steel strings are definitely not for me. I decide once for all to play on nylon.  At that time, my main concern is not the studies but rather learning Marcel Dadi’s songs, which I work relentlessly. The results follow. It is the glorious time of fingerpicking, vinyl records and tablature. Great and unforgettable slice of life.



80’s. Ten years have gone. I now develop my playing toward classical repertoire. I feel so good with my guitar that I should normally plan to go further and try to make a living out of it. But I never consider that option and take another path. I find a job, which eats most of my time, and dedicte what’s left to my young family. No more room for the guitar… Unfortunately! On this picture I still play a lot. We are in July 1986. I just got married the day before and during the lunch, I play Swingy Blues, a Marcel Dadi’s song.  Ten years later, Marcel passed in the crash of TWA Flight 800, off the coast of Long Island.



90’s. In 1993, I wake up my guitar that slept in its case for too long. I’m rusty! Every day I labor to recover my level. I spend almost no day or night without working few hours with my instrument. I missed it too much. Finally, I manage to find my sensations again and, in parallel start to compose regularly.  The first attempts are a bit clumsy but here again I have pleasure doing this and spend lot of time in it. Logically, the results improve. On this picture, we are in 2001 in the area of Paris. I work on a sheet music collection – Le Chant du Spleen – that will be published at Delatour Editions.



2000’s. In 2006 I create FMGUITAR YouTube channel and get access to a wide audience. Soon the feedback is significant and positive. The title Medieval Song reaches more than two millions views. Overally, my videos accumulate more than 8 millions views and attract 26000 subscribers. Because of this warm welcome I choose to dedicate more time to composition and manage to upload on a more regular basis. I get help from many fans. Some of them purchase the sheet music of my songs when some others provide support through crowdfunding. When I started to share my music on the Web, I  couldn’t hope for a more beautiful journey. And it is not over yet!

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